• MI: Intrapersonal
  • Character Trait: Purpose
  • Social Cause: Addiction


Yang is reflective, thoughtful, intuitive, and honest. Like all members of the MI9 Team, his past was troubled. Peer pressure led Yang down a harmful path of substance abuse, which grew to consume his life into a downward spiral until his friend’s tragedy served as a major wake-up call for Yang to leave behind his destructive lifestyle. He went on a mountain retreat to spend time alone reflecting on his life, and discover who he really was, without outside influences.

He helps others on their paths to self-discovery with his powers that give him the ability to show people their potential future in the reflection of water surfaces, and what will happen if they let outside influences sway them from their true self, and help them be in tune with who they truly are deep down inside.

Yang Digital Badge

Project Pay It Forward Club student members who earn the "Yang: MI9 Team" digital badge demonstrate understanding of this MI9 Team Superhero and defining qualities, including multiple intelligence and character trait. Click here to learn more.


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