• MI: Verbal-Linguistic
  • Character Trait: Leadership
  • Social Cause: Gender Equality


Intelligent, dignified, incredibly strong and hardworking, Sphinx possesses a special gift for riddles and is naturally powerful. Born in extreme poverty in the land of Concordia, Sphinx was no stranger to early struggles. As a child she worked in the fields, dreaming of an education, but in Concordia only boys got to go to school. Then, when Sphinx was a young girl, she got an amazing opportunity.

Upon graduation, she earned the Lion's Crown—a near impossible accomplishment which bestowed upon her many magical gifts, including the power of teleportation.

Sphinx is the leader of the MI9 Team and later in life, she opens a girls school to pass on the gift of education.

Sphinx Digital Badge

Project Pay It Forward Club student members who earn the "Sphinx: MI9 Team" digital badge demonstrate understanding of this MI9 Team Superhero and defining qualities, including multiple intelligence and character trait. Click here to learn more.


MI9 Team Superheroes

  • Sphinx
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  • Hoku
  • Pierre
  • Eco
  • Yang
  • Yin
  • Bu Bear
  • The Gardener


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The MI9 Team is a group of nine superheroes who joined forces to achieve social change and protect others as they battle against a gang of six supervillains, who are dead set on destroying anything in their paths.

All proceeds of MI9 Team go to support youth and education.