• Character Trait: Fear & Manipulation


Dark, evil, ominous, manipulative, and charismatic, Sandstorm finds easily impressionable, hurt “followers” (preferably with low self-esteem) to aid him in his tasks. Coming from a painful background himself, he channeled that pain into negativity. In fact, he thrives on negativity, fear, and doubt. The more negative and scared people are, the stronger he becomes.

Similar to the Gardener, not much is known about his past or upbringing. He is shrouded in mystery—and always has been. Sandstorm is able to transform himself into grains of sand that move quickly and with force. This sand can form back together into his body, and also separate and disintegrate just as fast.


Super Villains

  • Alexandria
  • Sandstorm
  • Angeles
  • Avarus
  • Jade
  • Berlin


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