• MI: Visual-Spatial
  • Character Trait: Empathy
  • Social Cause: Mental Illness


Pierre is artistic and creative, sensitive and understanding. He also has dyslexia and when he was younger he had a lot of difficulties in school, and with no real support from family, he felt isolated and fell into depression. While by all outward appearances the epitome of success, his family was not very close-knit nor very caring towards each other.

Pierre ran away and ended up in a homeless shelter, where he met Gerrard who introduced him to art. With his help, Pierre turned his life around and now helps to mentor other at-risk youth. With his magical paintbrush and palette, Pierre can create beautiful paintings that open up portals.

Pierre Digital Badge

Project Pay It Forward Club student members who earn the "Pierre: MI9 Team" digital badge demonstrate understanding of this MI9 Team Superhero and defining qualities, including multiple intelligence and character trait. Click here to learn more.


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