• Character Trait: Envy


Jade is conniving, scheming, compelling, pessimistic, harmful, damaged, and bitter. She grew up in a struggling, lower-middle class family, and didn’t have nice clothes or lots of toys, and barely had enough money to afford lunch. People felt sorry for her and looked at her with pity, and Jade hated that her life was so unfair. She ran away with hopes of making her own way in life, free of the confinements of her family and their struggles. But she never had much of a plan for after she left home, and ended up sleeping under bridges and eating at homeless shelters. Then, Sandstorm found her like he found the others: at her weakest, most desperate moment.

She has the power to "see" people's weaknesses (just by looking in their eyes) which helps her find the best way to attack them internally. Jade uses her abilities to hypnotize and manipulate her victims.


Super Villains

  • Alexandria
  • Sandstorm
  • Angeles
  • Avarus
  • Jade
  • Berlin


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