• MI: Bodily-Kinesthetic
  • Character Trait: Tenacity
  • Social Cause: Bullying & Disabilities


Hoku is motivating, hardworking and strong (inwardly and outwardly). She was teased and bullied as a child, but found solace in sports and martial arts. She grew strong and confident, and learned to stand up to her bullies and protects others.

She enlisted in military to serve her country, and after several tours overseas, Hoku lost a limb in battle. She was devastated at her new limitations. But she lifted herself up once again, training to grow mentally and physically stronger than ever. Hoku inspires others with disabilities to overcome their challenges. Her high-tech multi-functioning prosthetics give her super strength; and since her near-death experience she can communicate with the deceased and supernatural.

Hoku Digital Badge

Project Pay It Forward Club student members who earn the "Hoku : MI9 Team" digital badge demonstrate understanding of this MI9 Team Superhero and defining qualities, including multiple intelligence and character trait. Click here to learn more.


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