Bu Bear

Bu Bear

Bu Bear

  • MI: Existential
  • Character Trait: Understanding
  • Social Cause: Adoption

Bu Bear

Bu Bear is thoughtful, influencing, profound, peaceful, and intuitive. Always inquisitive and wondering about life's big questions, he seeks to understand all he can. He was raised by loving foster parents, but unanswered questions about his biological parents always weighed on him. He embarked on a quest to find them, only to discover they had passed away. He was overcome with anger and disappointment, but then encountered a wise old man who knew his parents and shared with Bu Bear about the family he never got to know; and guided him on a spiritual path to finding inner peace.

Now Bu Bear helps others to find their way in life and be at peace with themselves and the world. His magic bamboo stick unlocks secrets of the universe.

Bu Bear Digital Badge

Project Pay It Forward Club student members who earn the "Bu Bear: MI9 Team" digital badge demonstrate understanding of this MI9 Team Superhero and defining qualities, including multiple intelligence and character trait. Click here to learn more.


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