• Character Trait: Greed


Avarus is cunning, sharp, smooth, dishonest, misleading, alluring, and powerful. He grew up in a prominent family with the world at his feet. While his parents worked hard, Avarus was content with riding on their coat tails. His work ethic was virtually nonexistent. Eventually, when he grew up and it was obvious he would not change, his parents cut him off from the family fortune. Avarus was enraged and blew up at his family, walking out and leaving everything behind. A young man with no experience and barely money made him an easy target for Sandstorm.

His favorite item is his briefcase. Inside, his briefcase is filled with desire. Whatever people want most in their life (gold, jewelry, money etc), Avarus can make it appear and tempt them. However, nothing in it is truly real.


Super Villains

  • Alexandria
  • Sandstorm
  • Angeles
  • Avarus
  • Jade
  • Berlin


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