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Amy Mintz began working on the MI9 Team series in 2013, inspired by her experiences growing up overseas in different countries around the world, several years of experience as an educator, and currently as Founder and President of Student Body of America Association, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting children and education.

All proceeds from the MI9 Team book go to support eGirl Power, a program of her nonprofit organization with a mission to bring awareness to Gender Equality and support Girls' Education.

Amy Mintz created the MI9 Team series to help the youth recognize unique skills, special talents and passions to make a difference in their community. By purchasing your copy of MI9 Team, you are helping to empower young girls to improve their confidence, self-esteem, and achieve their full potential.

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Dr. Howard Gardner's Official Authoritative Site of Multiple Intelligences

Mintz was recently featured as a Guest Writer by Dr. Howard Gardner on his Official Site of Multiple Intelligence. (Howard Gardner is the developmental psychologist and Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education who developed the Theory of Multiple Intelligences). Her blog, Using Multiple Intelligences Theory to Understand Your "Superpowers" discusses MI9 Team superheroes and the effectiveness of the multiple intelligences to increase self-esteem in youth.

A Tale of Two Sisters

MI9 Team is soon to be followed by an animated film, book and graphic novel for A Tale of Two Sisters.

As Founder and President of Student Body of America Association, Mintz supervises, directs and oversees all operations and affairs of the nonprofit organization, including the eGirl Power program to inspire, educate, and empower teen girls to build confidence and self-esteem, and prepare for college and career readiness.

eGirl Power workshop

eGirl Power helps girls to identify and build upon their personal skills and talents to strengthen their self confidence through educational workshops, youth summits, mentorship and more, as well as "Career Day" field trips for the eGirl Power Club and leadership skill-building activities for the eGirl Power Junior Council.

Amy Mintz also served as Gala Chair for her nonprofit organization's PIFA Awards Gala. Held at The Yale Club of New York City's Grand Ballroom, the PIFA Awards Gala was a special event to recognize and honor outstanding individuals who have dedicated their lives to giving back, and celebrate paying it forward and inspire others to take action.

Amy Mintz Launches MI9 Team on Women's Equality Day

Amy Mintz, MI9 Team Author and eGirl Power Founder

What Celebrities & Honorees Say About eGirl Power

Her Project Pay It Forward program inspired the youth to make a positive change by focusing on their special skills, unique talents and passions to make a difference in their community. This program launched in 2014 with a community event that brought together community leaders, nonprofit organizations, educators and the youth. She is Executive Producer of the documentary film Project Pay It Forward, which premiered at this event, and her nonprofit organization awarded a grant to high school students of Millennium High School to support and empower their youth-led initiatives to make a positive impact in the community.

grant for high school students

What Educators and the Youth are Saying about MI9 Team

“The challenge for youth is to feel as smart as their peers and that they have the chances to use this intelligence. This is especially true for youngsters who lack encouragement where and how they live. Discuss Amy Mintz's new book with youngsters and let them recognize the super hero in themselves. ”
— Allan Luks, Best-Selling Author

Allan Luks is the Founding Director of the Center for Nonprofit Leadership at Fordham University. Luks has authored four important books, two of which are credited with having significant national impact. He is considered among the top experts on volunteerism, and how helping others can benefit one's emotions and physical health. For four decades he has directed well-known organizations dedicated to helping others. He initiated and led the passage of laws that have had a significant impact on society, and authored several books that garnered praise and recognition from readers and the media alike.

This book is very unique and clever. From the cover that captures your attention immediately and the tagline, "Unity Among Differences," which truly illustrates an overview for the entire collection of short stories that are shared. The Theory of Multiple Intelligence is fascinating! "Unity Among Differences" is fantastic because since everyone is different and has something special about them, we need to accept this and work together and accept each other for who we are and not base on race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, etc. This is an obvious theme of the story!
— Alexander Smith, Film Director, Uber Entertainment, Ltd.


“This is a great way to introduce the concept of multiple intelligences. It has a lot of good information about the different multiple intelligences and how you can use your strengths to overcome challenges. It's a great positive message for kids and really anyone who doubts their intelligence or wants to know more information about it.”
— Nicole Mahool, Dean of Students at Urban Assembly School for Global Commerce


“It's always wonderful to read a book that's clearly focused on empowering young girls while also impressing on young boys that women and girls are strong, capable leaders. I definitely look forward to learning more about each of the superheroes, their quests for a better world, and their struggles with their own hurdles and those around them. As always, I hope that these types of books are the ones chosen to be adapted into huge film franchises, not stories that focus solely on women's frailty and demureness. Visibility is key and every bit helps!”
— Manager of Programs & Outreach, Museum of Anthropology, University of British Columbia

as seen on
Dr. Howard Gardner's
Official Authoritative Site of Multiple Intelligences

“Amy Mintz is a nonprofit founder and an educator who incorporates MI in her lessons as a means to improve students' self-esteem and performance. She has also drawn upon MI to create a book about superheroes entitled MI9 Team.”
—Dr. Howard Gardner

Howard Gardner is Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He presented the theory of multiple intelligences for the first time in 1983 in the book Frames of Mind. Since then, the theory has been used in a wide variety of contexts and most frequently in education with students of all levels. Find out more at Gardner’s official MI website at

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“This book will please parents and children equally!! Highly recommendable! A beautiful and funny way to present children the concept of "Multiple intelligences" and help them realize that even though they might not excel in one subject, they do have important skills that make them powerful and unique.”
— Camila Lobo, Digital Marketing and Outreach, Harvard University


“Having the Mi9 super hero team as representative of differing intelligences is the perfect way to convey and illustrate the multifaceted aspects of any ordinary/heroic human being. Not to mention those super villains! This novel truly exemplifies choice in the human condition to become whatever we desire and set our attention on...”
— Marissa Mitchell, Secondary English Teacher, Chino Valley Unified School District


“A very creative way of talking about different intelligences and the powers they can unleash.I really love how the book gives the reader a new perspective to think about and how we can use different ways of intelligence as superpowers!


“I agree that this is a great way to introduce the idea of multiple intelligences, a concept that is familiar to many who work in the fields of education and psychology. Calling each ability a “super power” and assigning a superhero personality to each one is a very creative and clever approach in making the concept approachable for most people, but especially to youths.


“I really liked how relatable the superhero characters were in that even though they've faced hardships and obstacles in the past, their resilience can be seen by them dedicating themselves to the greater good of mankind. This book really empowers young people to find their inner strength and want to help make the world a better place.


“What appealed to me most about this book was it's ability to introduce Multiple Intelligences to the youth in a creative and thoughtful way. I also loved the way the Super villains were introduced with less favorable traits and qualities, which showed how these qualities can manifest within someone and transform them into a negative version of themselves. This book really highlighted the mirage of skills we all possess and how we can use our character traits to better ourselves and those around us. We are all capable of wonderful things, and I loved the message of how you react to things can also turn you into a negative or positive person. Great book for not just youths, but all ages.”


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The MI9 Team is a group of nine superheroes who joined forces to achieve social change and protect others as they battle against a gang of six supervillains, who are dead set on destroying anything in their paths.

All proceeds of MI9 Team go to support youth and education.